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  • The Czech Morgan
  • Serial number 1
  • Ford 1,8 liter engine with 131 PS running only 1.010 kg!
  • Full history
  • Serviced only at the manufacturer the whole life
  • Original licence plate
  • All documents were checked by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Prague, Czech Republic

It was 1996 and engineer Friml said to himself: There are certainly people who want an exceptional car, beautiful and fast, they want a car that evokes memories of the 1930s, but under the hood of which is hidden by current technology. Roadster, which should follow the beauty of veterans, just such a Czech Morgan, but more graceful and better. And the legendary Aero 50 car was chosen as a model. Because the Aero 50 was rightly called the Czechoslovak Jaguar at the time. And in the tradition of comparing with unique cars of English production with more than nobility, and a great and clearly pleasing design, the new Czechoslovak car Gordon has significantly established itself as a very successful competitor to English Morgan.

And so the first prototype of the Gordon Roadster 101, serial number 1, (VIN: TK91012SRTRAC3001) in the classic English green color was created (or rather created). And because the car was manufactured and registered for the first time in Rokycany, it received a license plate: ROC 87 - 20. And this license plate has been preserved on Gordon to this day.

Thus began to write the history not only of the GORDON car, but especially of this prototype serial no. 1, which has been preserved in its original state to this day. The first thing that awaited this car was to pass all the necessary tests and obtain homologation. This meant many tests and test drives, Gordon also took part in the famous Barum Rally as a "frontman" as part of the homologation. After obtaining homologation in the Czech Republic, the designer decided to subject this prototype to European homologation, which was realized in TÜV in Munich and Gordon v.č. 1 obtained for the manufacturer also this homologation, registered under Nr. 190660498.

After these steps, the production of other pieces of the Gordon car slowly started, as hand-made to order. In 1997, when the seller first met Gordon, he fell in love with the car and decided with a friend to buy the car together. He ordered and in 1998 took over the car serial number 4. After two years, however, he found out that "sharing" such a car is completely impractical. And in 2000 he had the opportunity to buy the original prototype Gordon with s / n. 1, which he did without hesitation and since then he owns and uses this prototype. Another custom production of this type in the following years produced only 18 pieces of Gordons, ie with this prototype serial no. 1 only 19 pieces were produced in total! Despite this low-series production, Gordon was given a great deal of publicity in the then professional and leisure magazines and press. Its photogenicity is indisputable. The seller encloses a selection of articles from the press of the time, where Gordon was presented. Production of this type of Gordon Roadster 101 no longer continues today, although Mr. Ing. Friml is trying to homologate and start production of a new type of car, the success of further development is difficult to estimate.

However, already in 1999, the owners of these beautiful cars decided to meet together from time to time and organize joint rides and meetings. For this purpose, the "GORDON CLUB" was founded, of which the seller became a founding member and, above all, he participated with Gordon no. 1 on all its events.

So Gordon's prototype was not only in the garage, but during the season he went on many interesting trips with him throughout Europe and he also took part in various motoring and non-motoring events, even abroad, where Gordon no. 1 was always the most surrounded attraction. His entire 20 years with Gordon are documented in hundreds of photographs, a selection of which he encloses.





First registration date04.05.1998
Body TypeRoadster
Engine1.796 ccm, 131 PS, I4
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorGreen
Color - interiorBeige
Miles/Kilometers shown113.861 kms
Chassis / VINTK91012SRTRAC3001
Location - CountryCzech Rep.
Location - CityPrague


Ford 1,8l engine with 131 PS; 1.010 kg; 4.070 mm / 1.665 mm / 1.230 mm; 195 km/h

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